Who was Aaron Hernandez and what led to his Death?

There is a lot of speculation around Aaron Hernandez’s death and many people are not 100% sure as to what was behind it. Being a 27-year-old athlete and getting sentenced to life behind bars is enough to take your own life in jail. There are some saying that there are other reasons as to why he took his life. In this article, I will examine who Aaron Hernandez was and what I believe is the main reason behind his death.

Aaron’s early years were filled with much joy and excitement. He was involved with many football programs and joined the football team at Bristol Central High school. At Bristol Central, Hernandez was their best football player and was Connecticut’s Gatorade player of the year. He tied many state records as a senior and led his team to the state championship. After high school, Hernandez considered going to the University of Connecticut with his brother to play football, but decided to play at the University of Florida under the extremely talented coach, Urban Meyer. At Florida, Hernandez was a role player his first two years but his junior season, he became a dominant force. He led the team to a national championship and was named an all-American. When the season concluded, he was named college football’s best tight end and was expected to be picked up in the 2010 NFL draft, forgoing his senior season. Fortunately, all of Aaron’s hard worked paid off and he got picked up in the fourth round by the New England Patriots. In Hernandez’s first season, he was awarded Pepsi’s NFL rookie of the year.  The next couple of years Hernandez and the Patriots had dominant seasons. They were such a dominant force with two extremely talented tight ends: Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. Their future was bright and it looked like nothing was going to get in their way. Hernandez’s personal life, unfortunately, got in his way, and he was arrested in the summer of 2013, with suspicion of murdering a former football player, and good friend Odin Lloyd.

Before we get into Hernandez’s hidden side, it might be important to know why he had a hidden side. Aaron was extremely close with his father, Dennis, who he did everything with. They practiced football together all the time and Dennis became a mentor in Aaron’s life. Unfortunately, in 2006 his father died from complications during his hernia surgery. His mother believes that his father’s death extremely affected him and that this led him to rebel against authority figures. Going back to his arrest, Aaron was taken to jail and had multiple court hearings, trying to decide if he was innocent or guilty. This was a shock to the football world and an even bigger shock to the New England Patriots. They believed they had the best duo in the game and that nothing was going to stop it. After being locked up for some time, more charges were being brought upon Aaron, ranging from armed assaults to more murders. The court was trying to find anything they could on Aaron after finding many guns in his house when they searched for evidence of the death of Odin Lloyd. The court was trying to convict Aaron on the murder of two men in 2012, and three armed assault charges. During the week of April 13, 2017, Hernandez’s charges were dropped, and he was found not guilty of murder of the two men and his assault charges. He was still sentenced to life in prison for his previous murder of Odin Lloyd and was waiting for his upcoming court date. Once the charges were dropped, a week later Hernandez’s body was found hanging in his cell.  There were no signs showing that he was preparing to take his life. The prison did not feel it was necessary to put him on constant watch. So, after hearing that he was acquitted of his charges of the murder of two men in 2012, what really led to Hernandez’s death?

There is a lot of speculation around what really happened with Aaron that night. Officers are saying that he committed suicide, but his lawyer is stating that someone could have possibly murdered him. Well, after examining his body, Hernandez’s death was deemed a suicide by hanging himself. People are still confused as to why he committed suicide and what was his reasoning behind it. A lot of ideas are being tossed out that he had nothing to live for, he was miserable, and that the Patriots just won a championship and he was in jail. I believe that these things all played into his death but it wasn’t the main reason. According to nbc4i.com,“under a long-standing Massachusetts legal principle, courts customarily vacate conviction of defendants who die before their appeals are heard.” In easier words, since Hernandez died before his appeal date, he technically is still an innocent man. Someone may say, so what, why does that matter? If Aaron was alive on his appeal date and lost his appeal of murder in the first degree, he would not be getting any of the money the Patriots owe him from playing in the 2010-2012 season. Since he killed himself before the court date, he is actually an innocent man and that money is still his. He is dead, but where is that money going to go? This is why I believe Aaron really thought his suicide out and the main reason to why he killed himself. I believed he killed him self so his $15 million dollars that he would be receiving will go to his 5-year-old daughter and his wife. If he lost his appeal, his wife and daughter would get no money and they would have to deal with their husband and father being in jail for the rest of their lives. He probably knew his daughter would benefit more from the money rather than coming to see her father in jail every week. So, I believe there were many factors that played into his death, but this could be the main reason why he took his life.

After doing my research, yes, there could be other options as to why he killed himself, but this reason seems like it is the most logical. There are a lot of speculations and these ideas will go on forever as to why exactly he did it. But looking at the bigger picture, he did what he thought was right for his family. Other’s may say that it wasn’t the right move and some may say it was. Personally, I cannot speak for him because I was not in his shoes, but looking at his situation, I think he believes he made the right decision.


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