If At First You Don’t Succeed…


By: Shawna Thomas

download (1)Remember the time you learned how to ride a bike? Someone got behind you and pushed you until you were convinced you could do it on your own. Suddenly, they let go. They said “YOU’VE GOT THIS! JUST KEEP PEDDLING” and so you do. Your legs move in time but you suddenly find yourself on the ground with your hands held high, wondering how you failed. The “tragedy” continues,  and we would fall. We then force ourselves back up again. We are so eager to be out there on our own without that push…

Why can’t we go back to the days where we were ignorant and naive children. Everything was new and interesting, nothing bothered us! It didn’t matter if you were boisterous, gentle, timid, or sort of in the middle, we welcomed new beginnings. Where did our faith go? I don’t mean faith in the world, but faith in ourselves. Faith the size of a mustard seed will move mountains… we can be strong enough again.We find hope and live vicariously through a black box, a glass screen, a formation and a little bit of “Uptown Funk.”

Photo credit: OnlineAthens

People who don’t contribute to our well being affect our immediate lives more than we do.


Is it even possible to define motivation? At what point in our short lives did we decide it was okay that our careless attitudes trumped being proactive. If it takes little to no effort, we’re all in. If it takes more than five minutes, we don’t want it. When we were younger, It was easy for us to use what was available for possible solutions. Believe me, it is an honor and a privilege to have had several opportunities to further my education and life skills, but when did it become so difficult? Life was basic. When did we decide it was hard to say “I’m sorry” when we knew we were wrong, or forgive when we had to. Why do we allow the tension and the heartache between our peers, coworkers, families to continue to grow when we can cultivate and and rekindle them ourselves?

I know it’s hard. Life will hit you in face and you drop down to your knees, and that will be the only thing you can do. I don’t want to be quick to give up. I don’t want you to be quick to give up. You think the world hates you, and everyone is against you? Your mind might fool you into thinking it’s true, but try again. You lost your job, your home, your family, and you have no clue where to go? Try again. Obviously, it’s easier said than done, but if you’re not even saying anything you probably aren’t doing anything either. There’s too much talking going on right now. There’s too many “I will start tomorrow” and “I promise this will be the last time” Don’t minimize your ability and diminish your own intelligence.

Life can be and will be discouraging at times. It takes about two seconds to get wrapped up in the thick of it all and forget who you are and where you came from. Don’t waste another second waiting for something to be handed to you. People are desperately seeking affirmation, and are driven by the approval of people and situations surrounding us. Start over. Do what you know in your heart is right. Look at your trials in the face and claim victory over them.

Living isn’t as easy as it seems, but you will survive. “Survival of the fittest” they say, right? You are fit enough to survive. You are strong. You are courageous. You are substantial. Your life matters. The lies you hear are called lies for a reason. The people who leave you, have left for your benefit. Those who are against you may not understand you. But, you need to keep on shining. You need to wake up in the morning and tell yourself how much you need you. That may sound cliche, but without you, you’re not going to get too far. Don’t let the trials of this life overcome you.

That failed test won’t matter when you write that amazing paper. The time you woke up late just gave you a few more minutes of sleep you didn’t have last night. Everything happens for a reason. Your outlook will determine your outcome. Look at life differently. Don’t be afraid, it’s OK to be positive. Surround yourself with people that don’t think or look the way you do.

Photo Credit: Shawna Thomas

Take risks. Be different. It’s OK to see that your glass is half full. It’s OK to try and understand what you don’t know. It’s OK to ask the question that no one else will be bold enough to ask. It’s OK to tell her no, to tell him no. It’s OK to go alone. It’s OK to want more than you think you deserve — you deserve it all.


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